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Grief and Glory in Lamentations


For Pastor Danny Emory, the book of Lamentations is “God’s handbook on grief.” His new book, “Grief and Glory in Lamentations,” flows from “the writings of a simple pastor/teacher who has experienced grief on many occasions and has attempted to help others walk through the process of grief.”

In Lamentations, Jeremiah surveys his beloved city of Jerusalem and sees its devastation and the deportation of God’s people. “Within these verses, there is both grief and glory as Jeremiah reveals his soul,” Emory writes. “There are moments when the writer takes you to the depth of sorrow for the people who have lost so much of their possessions and culture. There are other moments when Jeremiah writes words that lift your soul to heavenly heights.” 

But Lamentations is not for the faint of heart, the pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church in Morganton, N.C., cautions. “This book pulsates with human emotions that serve as mirrors to our own souls. Jeremiah is not afraid to ask the questions that we quietly ask to ourselves. There are times when he receives no answer, yet he continues his walk with God in faith. 

“We should follow the example of Jeremiah and trust God’s promises rather than seeking answers,” he counsels. “My hope and prayer is that God will use this simple study to help many people who have been deeply hurt by the loss of someone or something they loved and held very close.”

In “Grief and Glory in Lamentations,” Emory offers a “scholarly yet tremendously practical exposition” of the weeping prophet’s lamentations, notes Pastor Joe Seay of Campobello, S.C. “Although the journey through the grief process can be long, arduous, and painful, Dr. Emory describes that when navigated patiently and properly, it can deepen our walk with our Savior and bring Him glory as well. 

“This book will be a valuable resource, not only for pastors and theologians, but for everyone,” Seay adds, “because each of us eventually will travel the road of sorrow just as Job, Jeremiah, and even Jesus did centuries ago.”

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