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My Yeshua


My Yeshua is a story of the love and pride of a grandmother for her grandson. Her fear, anguish and concern are evident as she struggles to understand the circumstances surrounding his unusual conception.

Her devotion follows his path from childhood to popular miracle worker to a hunted man with a price on his head. She goes through a faith crisis that shakes her very soul. Is Jesus really the Messiah — or just a well-meaning but self-deluded pretender? Her answer calls the reader to respond to the question: “Who is this Jesus?”

Annie Ruth Yelton
Annie Ruth Yelton

My Yeshua is a beautiful perspective on the life of Jesus,” says Edie Melson, a writer and co-director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. “Annie Ruth Yelton has given us a beautiful keepsake. This will be a book to buy twice — once to keep, and again to share with someone else.”

Randy Harling, president of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home in Greenwood, S.C., says, “Nothing produces contagious courage more than conviction within a family that loves the Lord, and each other. This book records the collision of those two great loves.”

My Yeshua is available for $10.95 at or directly from the author at or 864-627-9580.

About the Author

Annie Ruth Yelton is a retired nurse, writer, conference leader and retired children’s minister who enjoys sharing creative ideas in ways that will benefit others. She also enjoys writing and directing dramatic sketches, especially those that tell stories from the Bible. She has written Bible study teaching materials for children and youth, materials that have been used in the U.S., Romania, Mexico and Cuba. Annie Ruth and her husband, Harold, have been married 51 years. They have three children and three beautiful grandchildren.

The impetus for My Yeshua began with a request to speak to a group of missions-minded ladies at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Annie Ruth’s first grandchild, a precious little baby boy named Caleb, had recently been born, so she planned to tell of the birth of Jesus as his maternal grandmother might have experienced it, concluding with Jesus’ visit to the temple in Jerusalem at twelve years of age. However, the story gripped her and would not be stopped. Only when she reached the resurrection of Jesus and the response of his grandmother did the story release her. It was complete. She had finished. It is her hope that each reader will recognize that this is a story of every person’s journey of faith and that each of us must answer the question: “Who is this Jesus?”

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